PDF Experiencing Gods Story of Life and Hope: A Workbook for Spiritual Formation

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How are they sustained? Who attends them, how did they get there, and what are their experiences?

Experiencing God's Story of Life and Hope: A Workbook for Spiritual Formation

People of the Dream argues that multiracial congregations are bridge organizations that gather and facilitate cross-racial friendships, disproportionately housing people who have substantially more racially diverse social networks than do other Americans. The book concludes that multiracial congregations and the people in them may be harbingers of racial change to come in the United States. For years Stormie Omartian prayed the prayer, "Change my husband, Lord.

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Her prayer become, "Change me, Lord. A twenty-six-week devotional study by the bestselling coauthor of Women of the Bible Names in the ancient world did more than simply distinguish one person from another, they often conveyed the essential nature and character of a person.

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This is especially true when it comes to the names of God recorded in the Bible. Praying the Names of God explores the primary names and titles of God in the Old Testament to reveal the deeper meanings behind them. His approach-that of positive apologetics-gives careful attention to crucial questions and concerns, including: the relationship of faith and reason, the existence of God, the problems of historical knowledge and miracles, the personal claims of Christ, and the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus.

He shows that there is good reason to think Christianity is true. As Craig says, "If you have a sound and persuasive case for Christianity, you don't have to become an expert in comparative religions and Christian cults. A positive justification of the Christian faith automatically overwhelms all competing world views lacking an equally strong case. Break free from the weariness and cynicism of life to enjoy God's amazing promise of childlike joy! It's time to reclaim that awesome sense of wonder--to experience God's amazing promise of childlike joy.

Sunday School is a time-honored tradition that is linking the church and the world in redemptive ministry. A renewal is occurring in the Christian community that gives the Sunday School unlimited opportunity for evangelism and education,devotion and discipleship. Catch the vision of a new standard Talmadge Johnson and Stan Toler offer in Rediscovering the Sunday School as it outlines timely methods of Bible study,organization, staffing, promotion, and facilities.

Give your Sunday School a breath of new life with this insightful and challenging book. Restoration: The Power of the Blood is a dynamic book by Paula White that details what effect the sacrifice of Christ has in our lives. This book gives a deeper look, and a more profound understanding of the nature of the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. According to the leading church growth expert, Ken Hemphill, Sunday School is not only worth saving, it has the potential to revitalize your entire church. Do you long to let go of self-centeredness and be more eternally minded?

Do you desire to make a difference in the lost world but aren't sure how to go about it? Based on the testimony of thousands who have read Revolution in World Missions, this gripping message can radically change your life. In this exciting and fast-moving narrative, K. Yohannan shares how God brought him from his remote Indian village to become the founder of Gospel for Asia. Drawing from fascinating true stories and eyeopening statistics, K.

In a small village outside Phnom Penh, children as young as five are bought and sold as sex slaves. Day after day their abuse continues, and their hope slips away. In Terrify No More an international team of investigators goes undercover to infiltrate this ring of brothels and gather evidence needed to free these girls.

Meanwhile, skilled legal minds race the clock, working at the highest levels of U.

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Headed up by former U. Sam Storms offers a brief, but comprehensive explanation of the nine spiritual gifts that St. Paul lists in 1 Corinthians If we as individuals and as a church are to experience the power of the Holy Spirit for life and growth as Christians, recovering the exercise of these gifts is essential. Storms shows readers how to understand the gifts, discover their own gifts, and receive more of the power of the Holy Spirit.


An authentic gift of prophecy - What is it? Who has it? Can you hear God's voice for yourself? He offers not only a balanced overview of the role of prophecy in the Christian community, but also practical information to help readers discern the authenticity of prophecies and learn to exercise the gift themselves.

Topics covered include: learning how God speaks, understanding His messages, avoiding prophetic craziness, giving prophetic messages, discerning deceptions, demons and false prophets and growing in your prophetic gift. Retracing his own spiritual journey from atheism to faith, Lee Strobel, former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, cross-examines a dozen experts with doctorates who are specialists in the areas of old manuscripts, textual criticism, and biblical studies.

Strobel challenges them with questions like; How reliable is the New Testament? Does evidence for Jesus exist outside the Bible? Is there any reason to believe the resurrection was an actual event? Strobel s tough, point-blank questions make this bestselling book read like a captivating, fast-paced novel. But it is not fiction.

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It is a riveting quest for the truth about history s most compelling figure. What will your verdict be in The Case for Christ? How to talk to God. Through practical examples, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Christian Prayers and Devotions" demonstrates the impact of down-to-earth conversations with God. Organized by topic, this volume is ideal for browsing through prayers and devotions according to the your interest from joy and depression to assistance and gratitude and contains both modern-day prayers and prayers from antiquity.

Augsburger combines personal testimonies with Scripture for a highly practical and motivating guide to applying forgiveness in your life. Helps the reader discover the narratives that Jesus lived by and practice spiritual exercises that will help one grow in the knowledge of God, in a book that is geared toward laypeople and includes a section on how to start up apprentice groups in one's own church. A person? A spirit?

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Why did the Holy Spirit come to the world? Where did He come from? Has the Holy Spirit always been active? How does the Holy Spirit communicate? How does He minister and witness? What exactly is the baptism of the Holy Spirit? What are the sins against the Spirit which can be committed by Christians? What is sanctification? This book will help you to discover and implement God's power in your life: Who is ruling your life?

Who should be? Do you know that to be filled by the Spirit is not a choice for Christians, but a command? Do you know that the Holy Spirit is committed to give you the freedom not to sin? Do you know that the Holy Spirit is your "proof of purchase" - God's pledge to you of your inheritance to come? What are the gifts of the Spirit?

sirecomsi.ml Are you acknowledging - and using as power for your life - all of the special gifts from the Spirit?